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Showcase: James Leclaire and the Cable 22s, Of What is Left

We recently pressed a limited run 12″ for Canadian folk/rock/blues artist James Leclaire.  The album has a great fresh summer sound to it and we sure hope to hear (and press) more of his music in near future.


All songs from the latest release can be heard here:

A recent review of Of What is Left:

“He’s the Dave Grohl of Ottawa country music…the songs just soar.”
-The Revue

“…he sings with a mix of Bob Dylan and Steve Earle. It’s a phenomenal mix of country/folk/blues.”
-Martyr Magazine

“Enter stage left, the spirit of Steve Earle. The gravely voice,  porch-friendly beat-it makes you want to wheel the pickup out on a hillbilly highway.”        -Peter Simpson, The Ottawa Citizen



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