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Vinyl: How many songs / how much music per side?

2014/11/09 UPDATE! We now have a fancy new online app that will tell you how your record will likely sound at any given length, and also recommend what speed to cut at. Check it out here!

A common question we receive here is “How long can each side be” on a record!

Well, this is a really difficult question to answer because people always want an exact mm:ss time that they can ‘fit’ onto a vinyl, but it’s not that simple. The more stuff you fit onto the vinyl, the closer the tracks have to be to each other and therefore the smaller the waveform has to be cut. Smaller waveform = quieter music and less room for bass.

12″ at 33 rpm, 10-12 mins

12″ at 45 rpm, 7-8 mins


POP / ROCK etc (NORMAL CUT on the orderform):

12″ at 33 rpm, 10-25 minutes

12″ at 45rpm, up to 10 minutes


10″ at 33 rpm, up to ~15 mins

10″ at 45 rpm, 6:30 mins


7″ at 45 rpm with LOUD CUT, not possible due to limited space available on 7″

7″ at 45 rpm with NORMAL CUT, up to ~4 mins  (Long 7″ at 45rpm up to 5min30. Results may vary)

7″ at 33 rpm, NOT RECOMMENDED because 33rpm 7″ sound AWFUL, but ~6mins.

All times are per side.

Where a range is given the shorter time will sound good while the longer time is possible but will sound bad. So a 12″ at 33rpm, 20 minutes can still sound pretty good but 28 minutes will sound bad.

7″ should really never be cut at 33rpm because the groove is moving so slowly under the needle that there is just no room for a decent sound. While some people insist on it, they usually regret it. Seriously, we can’t recommend enough just to cut down your running time and NOT make another poor sounding long 7″.

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FAQ: Artwork Templates

Q: How should my artwork be designed for printing?

A: In order to provide our customers with the tools needed to prepare their project(s) artwork, Mobineko has a specific template in .PDF .PSD and .AI for every printed product available for download.  All artwork should be designed onto the selected template(s) from scratch. As well, clear instructions and guidelines accompany each template.

For the list of downloadable templates, visit


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What is a Japanese Gatefold?

A Japanese is a top quality and much heavier gatefold than a standard one.  The process is identical to that of a hardcover (hardback) book. It is a modern updated process of a Tip On jacket.  We named this gatefold this way since we produce this specification for many Japanese customers who require a superior level of quality and finish.  As well, all ink and art paper used in making our Japanese Gatefolds are imported from Japan.  Below is a gallery with sample images of a Japanese Gatefold details.

For any further questions about our Japanese Gatefolds or any other of our products, please email

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Mobineko UV Printing pre-cuts

Mobineko’s latest UV printing process allows for lowered baking times which result in righter colors and whiter paper.  Here are some samples of recent projects printed labels before cutting.

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Hey! We had you press our release, can you blog about our BAND?

Yes, we can! We’re anxious to support our customers who let us press their CD’s and records, and would be happy to write about your band, release, or special packaging.

Just send an email to with your username and catalog number. We’ll give it a listen when there’s extra time at the office and write a blog! If you have additional links, press releases and video links, please let us know too!


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