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Mobineko Artist Showcase: Dan Armstrong

Mobineko’s Artist Showcase is back with a new CD from Dan Armstrong, pressed at Mobineko.

Charles Urban Dan has grown as a musician, which is an odd thing to say about relatively minimalist music. Still, this album demonstrates a maturation of his music – huge synth landscapes and chill beats, but the tracks are laser focused on building to an epic conclusion – an emotional title track that is the best thing Dan has made to date. Favorite track: Artificial Intelligence.


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New Vinyl Superfiles

We are thinking about releasing these new Vinyl Superfile packs in 7″ and 12″ format. Let us know what you think!

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Showcase: James Leclaire and the Cable 22s, Of What is Left

We recently pressed a limited run 12″ for Canadian folk/rock/blues artist James Leclaire.  The album has a great fresh summer sound to it and we sure hope to hear (and press) more of his music in near future.


All songs from the latest release can be heard here:

A recent review of Of What is Left:

“He’s the Dave Grohl of Ottawa country music…the songs just soar.”
-The Revue

“…he sings with a mix of Bob Dylan and Steve Earle. It’s a phenomenal mix of country/folk/blues.”
-Martyr Magazine

“Enter stage left, the spirit of Steve Earle. The gravely voice,  porch-friendly beat-it makes you want to wheel the pickup out on a hillbilly highway.”        -Peter Simpson, The Ottawa Citizen



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12″ Sleeve showcase

A collection of recent 12″ sleeves from our clients. All art boards are imported from Japan.

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More 7″ Projects’ sleeves

We regularly get more 7″ projects.  Here are some of the latest of these projects.

For any info regarding our 7″ vinyl pressing, visit


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Alpine Those Myriads ~ Psyche

The latest release from Alpine Those Myriads (ATM), Psyche was pressed with us.  The band is satisfied with the results and sent us the following note:

I received the vinyls today and they´re splendid! It was a pleasure
 communicating with you and thanks for a magnificent job

Here is Alpine Those Myriads’ webpage.  Visit their site to find out about their latest music.

Thanks to ATM.  We look forward to pressing their next release.

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Great Gods of Power – Latest Release

Mobineko recently pressed a release from The Great Gods of Power.  The band appreciated the quality and service from us and they sent us the following testimonial.

Thank you very much to the Great Gods of Power

I just wanted to let you know that we have received the PLRLP2012001
vinyl on Tuesday. We are very pleased with the finished product, and
will gladly recommend Mobineko to our peers and fellow independent



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Final Print Prep in 5 Easy Steps

The final prep for printed artwork is a simple process which can be described in 5 easy steps. Here, they are shown in screenshot form for an easy visualization of these 5 steps.

All necessary templates for printed products offered by Mobineko can be found here:


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Illya Korman – Mui Ne (Dubacid Deeptech) – The Remix Label

We are pleased to have pressed the latest release on The Remix Label featuring an Illya Korman track, Mui Ne,  remixed in four variations. The Remix Label releases worldwide undiscovered production potential thru remixing! Inspiring melodies on vibrant rhythms from deeptech to proghouse music tracks! Visit them on for more remixes.


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Caricatures – Fire In the Womb [ACP001]

This was a visually interesting custom CD box order. Please see the images for some ideas of what we can do!

Credit: Will Turner-Duffin for the artwork.


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