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Balroynigress – Dress the Ship in Black (KD077)

Best described as “rooted firmly in folk-inspired,” and containing “strains of cosmic Americana, leavening rustic folk-pop with psychedelic touches and spacey ambience, not to mention an autumnal sheen which conjures images of reddish-brown leaves crunching under foot, while the morning sun beats down on dew-laden grass and mournfully melts away early signs of frost” this project, created by Erik Jeor of Sweden is quite a musical and visually inspiring project.

To me, I hear many influences first of all, David Bowie, vocally, and Neil Young, musically and emotionally. Some tracks even border on a less-poppy but eerily similar vocals to the likes of They Might Be Giants, and even Canada’s Moxy Früvous Very 60′s psychedelic pop/rock, trippy, relaxing, and memorable.

A few months ago we pressed a 2 record set for this project, who notably, recently appeared on Sweden’s Channel 4.

They created and released their record through Kning Disk where a copy of their album can be purchased as well as other albums.

You can listen to their track from the album, “Dress the Ship in Black” from Soundcloud.

Balroynigress – Soft Sphere by Kning Disk

Also catch them on MySpace, and

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Yeh Deadlies – Single (PI701)

The great underground garage pop-rock sounds of Yeh Deadlies of Dublin create quite a unique atmosphere on their 7″ single . Most notably, their B side, “Constitution Hill” with unique vocals and catchy, simple music makes this a must-have record for indie-pop fans.

They released their 7″ two sided record with a full colour sleeve. Later this week we will put up a profile for creating your very own record sleeves to our custom templates.

Be sure to check out Yeh Deadlies on MySpace and order a copy today!

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Black Bear Saloon – Face the Future (DTTW01)

Black Bear Saloon are a hard rock band from Belfast, Northern Ireland. We worked with them in June to release their debut album which included bonus data tracks – including a video, mp3′s and graphics.

The CD was in a wallet sleeve with great graphic design.

Be certain to visit their website for news and to view their music video.

Artwork for CD cover:

Onbody disc art:

Artwork for digital content:

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Tennessee Hotshots – Vinyl Single (ATU001)

Ah! The good old, toe tapping sounds of classic Rockabilly. Carl Perkins, eat your strings! This group from Glasgow, Scotland surely has the heart to play these good old style, upbeat tunes.

With classic vinyl labels and great production quality, this is our first example of a vinyl release. This groups influences are some of many of the great, and definitely show in their playing and songwriting ability. Carl Perkins, Willie Dixon, Stray Cats, and man others. The Tennessee Hotshots have been rockin’ Glasgow since 2006

Great 1950′s style artwork and sleeve! Visit their MySpace and order a copy today!

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Stylus – EP (08062009)

Stylus was another nice surprise in the collection. I was mostly impressed with the album artwork, the flowing of the text with the butterfly images and the beautiful colours of blue. That’s not to say, the songs (all written by the band) were quite well produced and catchy as well. Catchy guitar riffs, songs that get stuck in your head. A well concieved, written and packaged EP by this band from Ireland.

You may listen to samples and contact the band by visiting their MySpace page.

Here is the cover artwork from their submitted templates.

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Tom Eno – Barnstormer (JTPCD006)

Our first customer show case is literally the first album I picked at random to start listening to. I must say, this was a pleasant surprise.

Not only does Tom have high production value, amazing artwork, but he touched a soft spot with me – covering a JJ Cale song, first track, “Tijuana”.

Tom is a British musician whos style crosses over various genres but mainly touches on updated folk, jazz and latin sounds, with some electronica appeal (think Bran Van 3000), catchy licks and Jason Mraz/Ben Folds style vocals. I’d say “Down home, folksy electronica”, but that’s just the closest I can even think of.

I’ve attached his template artwork as well to show an example of what should be sent in when placing an order.

You can find Tom Eno on MySpace, contact and listen to his tracks there. You may also purchase Tom’s CD at Juno Records.

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