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Our first customer show case is literally the first album I picked at random to start listening to. I must say, this was a pleasant surprise.

Not only does Tom have high production value, amazing artwork, but he touched a soft spot with me – covering a JJ Cale song, first track, “Tijuana”.

Tom is a British musician whos style crosses over various genres but mainly touches on updated folk, jazz and latin sounds, with some electronica appeal (think Bran Van 3000), catchy licks and Jason Mraz/Ben Folds style vocals. I’d say “Down home, folksy electronica”, but that’s just the closest I can even think of.

I’ve attached his template artwork as well to show an example of what should be sent in when placing an order.

You can find Tom Eno on MySpace, contact and listen to his tracks there. You may also purchase Tom’s CD at Juno Records.

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