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FileZilla Tutorial

Uploading your audio and artwork to Mobineko is the preferred, quickest, and safest method of submitting your order. And it’s easy, too!

  1. First step is to download the latest version of FileZilla from their website. It is available for PC, Mac and Linux. This tutorial shows how to use the PC version, but it is relatively the same for Linux and Mac too!
  2. After installation, launch the program. You’ll need to consult your welcome email from Mobineko to find your USERNAME and PASSWORD. If you do not have one, or if you forgot it, please contact support.
  3. Enter our host name:, followed by your username and password and press “Quickconnect”
  4. Once connected, you will see a status that says “user logged in” and “connected”. If you have problems connecting, please contact support. 
  5. Find your audio and artwork ZIP file to upload. You can either drag the file to the server field, or right click on the file and select “Upload
  6. Your upload will take awhile, depending on the size. Be patient and make sure the status says “Upload successful” before sending in your order form. If you have any problems upload, either with not enough space or it keeps stopping, contact support with the error messages from the Status window.
  7. Double check that the size of the uploaded file is the same as the copy on your computer. If so, the upload probably uploaded successfully! If we have any problems extracting files, we will let you know. You’re now done, and can send in your completed order form to
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CD Order Form Examples

Filling out a CD order form is pretty straight forward if you’re requesting a standard CD packaging such as a 4pp Retail Ready CD, card wallet, SuperPack, or Bulk/DIY. Below is an order form with the most essential areas highlighted in red squares.

After you upload your audio and artwork to our servers or mail us a master CD, you will need to supply this form completed to, or subsequently printed if you mail a master.

If you’re unsure what a CATALOG number is, please see this link:

Your customer number is assigned in your welcome message and is a word that starts with the letters ‘mv’, such as ‘MVJOHN01′, or ‘MVJASPERECORDS01′.

You are required to enter your phone number for our shipping courier to contact you in case of delivery questions.

Always email support if you have any questions.

Alternately you can download our usa-mobineko_cdshortrun_pricelist-2009 or uk-mobineko_cdshortrun_pricelist-2009 in a spreadsheet format here to fill out yourself!

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7″ Vinyl Sleeve Tutorial

Creating a 7″ vinyl sleeve is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Download our 7″ template here in either PDF, Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

This is the first thing you’ll see – an empty template for placing your artwork over.

REMEMBER: Do NOT change the dimensions of this file, resize or otherwise. You must ONLY place your custom artwork on this template.

If you do not want holes, simply remove the hole image from the template.

If you only want 1 hole, remove the hole you do not want.

If you want both holes, leave it as it is.

Here are two examples for your review dithered to JPG (remember, save your original in the format you downloaded (PSD, AI or PDF).

And if you ever have ANY questions, please contact our support team! We will be happy to assist you in creating your artwork and assisting you in placing your order.

Enjoy you’re own 7″ custom sleeves!

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