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Month: April 2011

Cheapskate – Un Film Imaginaire [JBAM006]

Cheapskate released their debut album in early 2010 with us, called “Un Film Imaginaire”. 12 quirky, freeform jazz, with bits of witty organ, psychedelic rock and spacey lyrics. We released their 12 tracks on a 4pp superpack with plastic wrap….

Dem Suite – Delphinus [TR505]

We’ve recently had the honour of pressing for Trazmick Recording’s band Dem Suite which they had used a Kickstartercampaign to raise funds for pressing their CD. Phenomenal! This is a very unique way of raising money to press and promote their 4th release, “Delphinus”…

FileZilla Tutorial

Important update! For security reasons we have switched off our FTP service. Please use the online uploader directly from your account ( If you prefer to use a third party upload service we can also accept files sent through WeTransfer,…

Archimedes – On Spirals (FOF007)

In the wreckage of the almost non-existent Bristol scene of 2010, Canadian born Noah Villeneuve formed Archimedes. Lying somewhere between Foals and Mogwai, they blend indie, math and post-rock influences to create gracefully off kilter anti-anthems. Combining intricately heartfelt guitar…