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Loqui – Hermes Pan (Sturdy1)

Throughout several years of trial and error, bandmates coming and going, shows being cancelled and deals going through – Loqui finally had a chance to headline the BBC Introducing Stage at Leeds and Reading Festivals, which prompted them to begin recording their début album and other studio recordings.

In 2009 we pressed Hermes Pan, a 3 track single on their Sturdy Records label. Their sound captures a collection of power-pop, with catchy riffs and quirky vocal phrasings and effects. A unique sound from a unique band, check out Loqui’s website here for more information.

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The Dimes – The King Can Drink the Harbour Dry (TCR001)

The Dimes, from one of the biggest Indie-Band scenes in the US – Portland, Oregon have released some wax on the Timber Carnival Recordings record label earlier in 2010. The dimes have that indie-folk-pop-rock sound unique to the Pac NW that has become popular over the past several years. Beatle-esque song structures and very distinct musical lyrics delivered with various instruments and pop-harmonies will leave you feeling moody and happy , all at the same time.


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Peter and Kerry – Clothes, Friends, Photos EP (TAPCLB027)

Peter and Kerry are  a duo on Tape Club Records, consisting of Kerry Leatham and Peter Lyons. Comprised of peppy and also mellow indie-pop tunes, this 6 song EP is likely to give you goosebumps and an enjoyable listen.

We pressed their disc for a 2011 release, limited to 500 pcs. They even have a great music video!

Check out a well-written review at UK Music Review.

Be sure to also check out the music video on YouTube.

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The Primevals – Disinhibitor (TWCD003)

Influenced by the likes of MC5, The Stooges, Captain Beefheart, Pharoah Sanders, The Gun Club, The Cramps and 1960s US garage rock – the Primevals were formed in 1983 in Glasgow, Scotland and have remained (in one lineup or another) together for nearly 30 years.

Their 2010 release, “Disinhibitor” was released on Triple Wide records and pressed with Mobineko on limited 200 pcs!

Rock on, Primevals! Check out their Facebook page here.

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Sickbag – Shades Among Shades (D21)

They always say, there’s something in a name. Sickbag is definitely a unique band name for this 5 piece hardcore band from Estonia. These guys are one of numerous heavy rock/metal bands that were’ve pressed.. and we’re quite delighted!  They released a 6 tracks album, recorded live at Paris’ Studio Sainte Marthe.

A mix of hardcore metal, and punk with an urgent, fast paced feel.. these guys do grindcore justice.

Check out their Bandcamp and MySpace sites.

Below is their Superpack template design for reference – if you’re designing a Superpack, these guys definitely have great artwork! Lead by example…

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Lianne Hall – Crossing Wires (MLINKI006)

If I could imagine what music would look like, I believe Lianne Hall has found the way to visualize this. Musically, and vocally.. stunning, beathy and airy. Each breath feels like a journy, each note, alone and very visible in the sound spectrum. All tones are so vibrantly clear and stand out on their own, creating a musical feeling like no other.

Catchy tunes, great production value and simple, yet artistic product design came along with their 2010 release, “Crossing Wires”, which we pressed on 12″ vinyl in a limited 500 piece, WHITE vinyl release.

Lianne grew up in Peterborough, UK and started writing as a teenager. She released her first full length album in 2006, titled “Abandon Ship”. In 2007 she met up with Orbital musician Paul Hartnoll and the duo co-wrote an album entitled “the Ideal Condition”. She has since also released an album “Making Spaces”, as well as this – “Crossing Wires” in 2010.

She has the album available for download and purchase (With finished product images by Mobineko!!) at her BANDCAMP link. She also has an Official website, as well as a MySpace page.

Simple.. yet complex, and beautiful. Take a listen.

(Unrelated commentary:

I love inspiring music. It is great to work for a company that still, in and of itself promotes real music, real musicians and independent artists. Otherwise we might not hear the likes of Lianne Hall and so many others. There’s nothing like the sound of vinyl spinning on a table, the crackle, the flipping, the liner notes.. Please, keep independent music, and the physical medium alive!)

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Karoliina Hellberg – Birds Are Singing With Me (MJ1002)

Tua Sofia’s voice is so brilliantly soft and charming, I could not pass up blogging their release. Since I came across it, I’ve played the disc countless times. Mellow and relaxing, yet full of emotion with beautiful fitting music that does not take away from her vocals.
As usual, there is a MySpace page at, also the album has been favourably reviewed at You can read an in-depth band interview here.

Be sure to check out, as well, Mikael Kuosmanen’s portfolio MySpace here, and songwriter’s blog with many a great-article to read here.

Also, we at Mobineko would like to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year. Our offices will be closed the remainder of the week but we will answer emails as time permits. Thank you for your business.
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Eric Lau – KILAWATT V2 Limited Edition Single (KML102)

“Lau is a London-based producer who has worked for the likes of Lupe Fiasco, Dudley Perkins, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Guilty Simpson, Wildchild, Tanya Morgan, Hil St Soul, and a family of up and coming artists who feature on this debut solo album. “Being Chinese and growing up in England, I was influenced by a lot of sounds. From Brit-pop, 60′s rock, Chinese opera, UK hip-hop, and of course the West London scene,” says Lau. “I think that my Chinese roots have very subtlety affected my choice of key when making music, however it’s not really an in your face thing.” RIYL: Dilla, Pete Rock, D’Angelo, ?uestlove, PPP, Angie Stone.”

We released a 7″ single for his single, Kilawatt available in limited quantity. They can be purchased here. Very mellow hip-hop beats and very good lyrical flow. Eric Lau has a great collection of music, and we are happy to have pressed one of his records!

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Liminals – Hearthand (FYN102)

I was trying to figure a way to describe the music of the Liminals. A sonic-escape from reality, a aural landscape.. but that just doesn’t do them any justice. Best described on their record companies site,  they are “Music for imaginary dancefloors. Music for walking, swimming or dancing in your sleep. Not so much underground as underwater: a loop in an ocean of sound, the sound of an ocean in a loop.” This was their label, Friend Noise’s first vinyl release, and boy are we proud! The record has 4 tracks on a limied 250 pc run, with beautiful hand drawn artwork (pictured left and below) provide a visual for the basic, yet extraordinary sounds this record achieves. It was released in November ’09. The band lineup includes members from Different, Tomas Bodén and Anna-Karin Brus. Their noted influences are the likes of Seefeel, Tim Xavier, Orbital, Can, Juan Atkins, Sabres of Paradise, Frankie Knuckles, Riccardo Villalobos, Inner City, John Tejada, SPK, and Isolée. Liminals are now on Technogenic records and have a new release coming out this month. See the videos released by the band on Vimeo. The Dendrites from liminals on Vimeo. Liminals – The Swim from Sebastian Rozenberg on Vimeo. For even more details, visit their Facebook page.

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Kamel – Kamel (GGR-004)

Rock on! (imagine me making devil fingers in the air..) Kamel was an unsigned alt-Rock band from Lahti, Helsinki, Finland. Very high quality production value and very classy vinyl label design made this release stand out to me. They pressed only 250 pcs in black disco bags, but if there are any still available, I’d recommend getting my hands on these. Think Pearl Jam meets Clutch, but so so much better.

Check out their MySpace link.

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