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Why Your Cutting Questionnaire is Important and How to Make the Right Choices

When you place an order with Mobineko there is a cutting questionnaire in the second step after quoting.

Although it’s tempting to gloss over these details when ordering it’s super important that we understand each customer’s intent for every single production. So please do take some time to read and understand the following explanations for 3 different cutting styles!

1. LOUD cut – for dance/club or sometimes metal music, time per side is limited and the audio is cut extremely hot (generally +6dB over reference) with not much regard to distortion or audio quality; stereo effect and EQ range is also reduced to maximize loudness. Please note that this does not guarantee a super loud record if you have bad mastering and/or very long sides – consult our handy Wizard to check if your timing might be problematic.

2. normal cut + fidelity – using computer calculation and some test cuts on the unused part of a lacquer the engineer finds the maximum level where zero distortion is introduced by the cutting process; this is the option we generally prefer but many people want it to sound ‘loud like X or Y record’. Generally the masters we get these days just aren’t good enough to cut loud without distortion so if it’s important for you to have a louder record you will have to accept some loss in quality and choose the third option.

3. normal cut + loudness – somewhere between the first two options; there can be some distortion and the engineer will try to squeeze out some extra overall loudness by allowing the cutter head to naturally compress peaks.

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