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Cassette Update

As some of you already know we retired our old 16 speed and 8 speed duplicator systems last year and replaced them with one of the best high speed duplication systems available – Otari DP-75 slaves and a DP-203 digital 80x master. Unfortunately as it goes with these things we spent the best part of a year refurbishing the machines, obtaining new heads, relapping old heads, calibrating and aligning – then the digital master failed beyond repair.

After a lot of searching we found a broken DP-103 digital master that we got working, but the performance was hit and miss. So the last few months has been spent pulling out boards, painstakingly removing and testing components and replacing bad parts. So far, so good, but we realized that some digital-analog converter chips had overheated and blown themselves up.

This week we finally got our hands on some crucial and hard-to-find Sipex DAC chips and modified the DP-103 so the chips don’t get overheated any more. We’ve run some test tapes and they sound awesome as you might expect.

We have also tweaked cassette pricing so you can get a full package of 50 tapes with double sided full color UV printing (a Mobineko exclusive!), full color J-cards and qualty clear cases from EUR142 for 50pcs, EUR195 for 100pcs and EUR343 for 300pcs. Or super nice laminated full color O-cards for about the same price. Lots more shell colors are available now including low price clearance options from our old stock.

Actual ordering for tapes will resume shortly, thanks everyone for the interest and support!


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