Vinyl Order Form Examples

We’d like to take a moment to show how to fill out an order form. You may download the example, as an Excel worksheet here: GRA13-order

Here is the top of the Excel sheet:

Take note to check if this is a NEW ORDER or a REORDER.

1. Enter the Title of your release

2. Create your own Cataloug number. For explaination of why you need a Cataloug number, click here.

3. Enter the Quantity of records you are ordering.

4. Select if you want a Loud or Standard Cut.

5. If you want centre engraving (text on the inner rim of the record), enter this information or tick None.

6. If you want Test pressings, put an X here.

7. Read the important information in Red and type Yes if you agree.

8. Select if the record is 33RPM or 45RPM

9. Enter Track titles and times

10. Let us know where the final product should be sent! You are required to enter a phone number, or our shipping courier will not be able to deliver. They need to contact you for tax purposes.

Not so bad, right? Let’s move on to the center of the sheet.

Select the quantity of records you’d like to order. If you want a quantity that is not listed, be sure to contact your sales rep to see if this is possible. Also note, for US order 12″ minimum order can be 100 pcs.

If you want special addons to your sleeves, such as Inner Bags, Spines, Matte or finished Shrinkwrap, please be sure to tick an X next to these below the sleeve order.

If you do not order sleeves, your vinyl will be shipped in just white paper inners.

If you have ANY special requirements (like split shipment, or special packing information) be sure to discuss this with your sales rep first, and then make note in the Special Requests field.

Enter your information, save the file.

Once you upload your audio and artwork, send an email to for your order to being processing!

It’s that simple. If  you ever need any help during your ordering process be sure to email our support team, we will be happy to assist you!

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7″ Vinyl Sleeve Tutorial

Creating a 7″ vinyl sleeve is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Download our 7″ template here in either PDF, Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

This is the first thing you’ll see – an empty template for placing your artwork over.

REMEMBER: Do NOT change the dimensions of this file, resize or otherwise. You must ONLY place your custom artwork on this template.

If you do not want holes, simply remove the hole image from the template.

If you only want 1 hole, remove the hole you do not want.

If you want both holes, leave it as it is.

Here are two examples for your review dithered to JPG (remember, save your original in the format you downloaded (PSD, AI or PDF).

And if you ever have ANY questions, please contact our support team! We will be happy to assist you in creating your artwork and assisting you in placing your order.

Enjoy you’re own 7″ custom sleeves!

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