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Order System Updates

We have rolled out an update for our online order system to version 1.31.

The main change is that test pressings are now ordered through the billing/address section instead of the initial quote. This allows you to provide a separate address for TPs and also gives you the option of selecting 5, 10, 15 or 20pcs.

Additionally we have some bug fixes to the Copy from Billing / Load Saved Address functions during ordering.

Please note that recently Firefox and some other browsers introduced a warning and disabled saved passwords for sites that redirect to a secure (SSL) area after login. We have decided to maintain a balance of security and speed for customers just browsing our main site from slow connections. The risk posed by logging in from an insecure page to a secure one is quite low. Online ordering and our new support site forces SSL by default to protect your logins and data. Our entire site does support SSL so if you prefer maximum security or want to get rid of warning messages etc. you can just surf directly to

Mobineko technical blog.

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