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CD onbody printing

A question that is often asked by clients is how we do our CD onbody printing. Here is an explanation in a nutshell:

Firstly we do not and have not ever used a digital printing process. For CD onbody we use two types of printing technology: 4 color offset printing from lithographic plates, or up to 5 color automated screenprinting. We use printing equipment from Hanky and Kodak, no inkjet printers here.

We give the option to our customers to either print on a clear transparent base or white base. Many customers do choose to print full color artwork onto a transparent base because it allows a futuristic metallic look through the semi transparent offset inks. Usually if a customer has a specific request about partial transparency they would contact us to make custom arrangements.For true screenprinting you can supply us with a separate vector (Illustrator, InDesign etc.) file for each screenprint color including a Pantone color number marked on the file.

Finally, as with all artwork submitted to us by clients, our pre-press design team will check then issue proofs (by email) for approval before going into print. This is an important step of the process since once the client approves these the printing process will commence. All artwork proofs must be viewed in CMYK compatible software (with calibrated monitor) for accurate colour representation.


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