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Howdy, folks!

Usually we don’t talk about upcoming new features on our site but we are really excited about an ongoing project that’s very close and will make a huge change to the whole order process.

We know that the number one difficulty people complain about is understanding and using FTP. It’s not that we haven’t listened, rather that there was really no good substitute for transferring the very large files used in quality vinyl pressing.

During the past few years we have monitored the progress made in browser technology and now we feel it’s advanced enough that we can offer the smooth online ordering with point & click uploading that we always hoped for.

Here is the road map for these important three new features which will work together as our new intuitive online order system:

  • 1. intelligent multi-currency multi-country quote engine – you can already find this running in the vinyl & CD sections of! When we are confident that all the bugs are ironed out we will be able to link this smoothly to the online ordering features below.
  • 2. resumable large file uploader with pause/resume functions – this is the biggie that we are sure will make life easier for a lot of frustrated customers. Our new app lets you click a single button to upload one or more huge (up to 4GB) files and there’s even a pause/resume feature in case you lose internet connection or your browser crashes during upload. We are currently running a closed beta with some of our customers and the feedback is great so far.
  • 3. custom online ordering app – this is also in a closed beta and we plan to start rolling out in a few weeks. It uses the same engine and interface as our quote machine so you don’t have to relearn how anything works. Finally no more Google Sheets forms, just point and click to save order templates with your favorite options already selected!

We always appreciate any feedback – let us know through Facebook, Twitter or email when you try the new features or new site and let us know what you love or hate. It’s your chance to change how we work.

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