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New tool for calculating maximum vinyl cutting times

We get asked daily how much music can fit on vinyl, and the answer is always ‘it depends’. You see, vinyl isn’t a digital medium like a CD where it’s a simple case of how many bits can be stored. Vinyl is a living, breathing analog medium with many nuances and shades of gray between a good and bad cut.

That’s why we just released this new online tool that will not only advise what is physically possible for your project, but also give a general idea about how cutting time directly affects quality. It will also tell you which cutting speed (rpm) will offer the best quality.

We hope you can make use of this tool to optimize the running time of your productions – you might be surprised that a minute cropped here or there can make a huge difference to quality, or that you may have been given the wrong information about which cutting speed (rpm) to choose for best results.

Check it out here!

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