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We recently pressed 1984 by Unseen/Deeflux from the UK.

Deeflux – Emcee – From Cove Grove, Farnborough. Writing since the age of 18 he has over time found his style and niche in the UK market. Working with various producers and helping to run the successful Hip Hop night ‘Holdin’ Court’, Deeflux also founded underground label F.A.N Records and in 2010 joined the Millennium Jazz family.
He is currently working on releases with Louis Unseen (1984 – featuring Genesis Elijah, Dr Syntax & Gadget) and super producer Brother Beatbox (Natural Selection – Rhythm By Numbers featuring Wildchild, Guilty Simpson, Dr Syntax & Sonny Jim and many more) as well as taking up the role of HipHop producer at 103.7 KaneFM

Louis Unseen – Producer/Scratch DJ – hailing from the South West of England and knocking out beats for the past 5 years, Louis Unseen has a very strong work ethic and an eclectic production style that is both sample base and compositional. Not to mention his abilities as a live DJ whether it be to keep the crowd moving or contribute to a showcase.
He has worked for/with various artists on the underground circuit including the likes of Dr Syntax, Prem C, Jolly J & H-to-0, Genesis Elijah, Blaise MC, Sons Of South, Beit Nun, Sandman & DJ Halabi, to name a few. In 2009 Louis joined MJM and released his debut release ‘Never Unheard’ and since then has been an integral member of the Millennium Jazz Movement providing production and cuts for the whole squad as well as other outhouse collaborations. He is currently working on the ‘1985’ LP with Deeflux featuring Genesis Elijah, Dr Syntax & Gadget.

One of the most fresh and inspired hip hop albums I’ve heard in a long, long time.

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